MiddleClickClose Updated

I announced here that I had updated MiddleClickClose to work with Safari 3.1, but that it had problems loading under Safari 3.0. Actually, the problem was that it wouldn’t load on a PPC chip; I was testing on my iBook G4, but I hadn’t generated a universal binary. That was caused by having the iPhone SDK installed. Anyway, I dropped back to Xcode 3.0 and got a universal binary built, and now everything is happy.

If you want the plugin, ensure you have SIMBL installed, download the binary package below, and unzip it in ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins and restart Safari.

As usual, it’s distributed under the GPL.

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4 Responses to MiddleClickClose Updated

  1. Matt says:

    Joey, your plugin is more than neccessary. This should have been a default feature in Safari. Now that I’ve upgraded to 3.1.1 it’s stopped working.
    -Hoping for an update in the near future.

  2. Joey Gibson says:

    D’oh! I haven’t gotten around to installing the latest Safari patch. I’ll try to do that shortly and figure out why it’s not working.

  3. Joey Gibson says:

    Did you upgraded from Safari 2.0 or 3.0 straight to 3.1.1, without hitting 3.0? That’s the only thing I can think of that would have broken it for you. I just installed 3.1.1 and it worked fine for me.
    However, I have updated the Info.plist file to have the current Safari’s version, so go here http://joeygibson.com/blog/tech/mac/middleclickclose_for_safari_3_1_1.html and try installing that one.

  4. giga says:

    Howdy. Love your plugin but it seems to have broke with Safari 4 (Developer Preview).
    Any chance for an update? :)

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