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LoLClojure – Chapter 3, Continued

I didn’t intend to wait a month between installments, but here we are. When we left off, we were discussing a couple of implementation os exponentiation, and how to print things out. We made it up to page 35. Next, … Continue reading

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LoLClojure – Chapter 3

Chapter three of Land of Lisp is all about Lisp syntax. This post will be sort of scattered as far as content goes, since the chapter covered a lot. Many things are the same in Clojure, but there are some … Continue reading

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LoLClojure – Locals

Just like in Lisp, Clojure uses let to define locals. The only real difference is that Clojure uses a vector of names and their bindings, whereas Lisp uses a nested list. This Lisp code looks like this in Clojure I … Continue reading

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LoLClojure – Land of Lisp In Clojure

I read Conrad Barski’s excellent book Land of Lisp a couple of years ago, and worked through all the examples using CLisp, but I thought it might be fun to go through it again, but use Clojure instead. Other people … Continue reading

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George Carlin On Flamethrowers

My favorite George Carlin quote of all time is this: The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not … Continue reading

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Get a REPL On Your Current Java Project

I like to test things out interactively, so I love working with languages that provide a REPL. I’m currently working on a Java project, but Java doesn’t have a REPL. Several languages built on top of the JVM do have … Continue reading

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That Insipid “Ancient Aliens” Show

O, how I hate that stupid “Ancient Aliens” show on the “History” channel. Tonight, as I was scrolling through the channel guide, I happened to see the info for an episode that was about to go off. The title of this … Continue reading

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Conway’s Game of Life, In Go

About a week ago, I decided to implement Conway’s Game of Life in Go. There was no particular reason, other than that I was bored, I wanted to do something else with Go, and I had never tried to implement … Continue reading

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Now I Know: Aces High

From today’s edition of the Now I Know newsletter, this bit of interesting stuff: In ordinal rank, the ace in a deck of playing cards is lower than the two — it’s the one, after all. But in most card … Continue reading

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Go: Beyond the Basics

Tonight I gave a lecture to the Atlanta Go User Group called “Go: Beyond the Basics.” Here are the slides from that talk: and here is all the sample code that I showed, and here’s a PDF of the slides, … Continue reading

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