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Now I Know: Aces High

From today’s edition of the Now I Know newsletter, this bit of interesting stuff: In ordinal rank, the ace in a deck of playing cards is lower than the two — it’s the one, after all. But in most card … Continue reading

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Are You a Southeast Uker?

Do you play the ukulele? Have you always wanted to? Do you live in or near Atlanta, GA? The Southeast Ukers are a group of ukulele players who get together twice a month to play and sing together. We meet … Continue reading

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Bohemian Rhapsody Parody

This commercial cracks me up every time. This is the longer version, too.

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Bleeding Board

Thomas said I kicked the board so hard it bled. But the blood on this board is my own. I was channeling Jackson Pollock.

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1st Dan – Boo-Yah!

I am now officially a 1st Dan in Taekwondo. w00t!

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I Just Voted For Obama

I just voted to kill babies, bankrupt our grandchildren, turn “the greatest healtcare system in the world” into a giant socialst death panel, outlaw the saying of “Merry Christmas,” institute Sharia Law, implement the “Gay Agenda,” and burn the Constitution … Continue reading

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GV Places Discontinued

I hate to have to do this, but I have just pulled GV Places from the App Store, and I will not be selling or maintaining it any longer. Some users have been experiencing problems with credentials and the various … Continue reading

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Sunset Through the Trees

IMG_1941, a photo by joeygibson on Flickr. Another shot of tonight’s beautiful sunset.

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Sunset In the Mirror

IMG_1943, a photo by joeygibson on Flickr. Tonight’s sunset was gorgeous. I took this while stopped at a red light.

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Long Shot

IMG_1939, a photo by joeygibson on Flickr. A sort of “artistic” long-exposure shot I took last night at the gas station.

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