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Windows 7 Party Kit Unboxing

My Windows 7 Party Kit arrived this afternoon via UPS, and I decided to be like the cool kids and film myself taking the bits out of the box and discussing them. I should have gotten Thomas to hold the … Continue reading

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I’m Hosting A Windows 7 Launch Party

No, don’t start checking your thermometers to see if Hell has frozen over. Believe it or not, I’m actually hosting a Windows 7 Launch Party. I know, I know. I’ve become quite a Mac Bigot™ over the years, and have … Continue reading

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Interesting Date Tracking There, Microsoft

My son was trying to clean up some space on his computer last night, so he was deleting massive amounts of crap. I encouraged him to uninstall anything that he hadn’t used in the last couple of months, but that … Continue reading

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1 eeePC, 2 SDDs, 1 Pendrive, Ubuntu, Win7 and dd – Hoo-wee!

If you’ve ever been here before, you know that I bought an Asus eeePC 900a a few months ago. After buying it, I pulled out the 1G RAM and 4G SDD and replace them with 2G RAM and a 32G … Continue reading

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OH NOES! I’ve Lost My .emacs File!

I was first exposed to Emacs back in 1991. It took me a while to warm up to it, but I did and I have been using it ever since. Once I started using it on a regular basis, I … Continue reading

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Chrome Is Cool, But No Mac Version Yet

Yesterday, the internets were all a-flutter about Chrome, Google’s new surprise web browser. Sure, I downloaded it, like everyone else, and I was impressed by its rendering speed. I used it for a few hours without any problems at all. … Continue reading

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