My Kingdom For A Decent (Free) ISO Writer!

I’ve decided to Linux-ify my company laptop so I downloaded all 5 ISO images or Red Hat Linux 8.0. All 3,325,001,728 bytes of it. Yes, DSL is a beautiful thing. So I’ve got these ISO images now and I need to write them to CD. There is aparently a metric ton of software for Linux systems that will write these things to CD, but precious little for Wintel boxen. But of course all that cool free software doesn’t help me. I need to get them written to CD before I can install Linux and have access to these great tools that will let me write them to cd… Ah well… I tried using this ISO Recoder Power Toy but it didn’t work very well. Most of the time it told me I had a non-writable cd in the drive when I knew darn well it was a virgin CD-R. It could be my crappy CD-RW drive, but I’m not sure. So I’m going to install an old copy of something I had laying around on the laptop which has a working CD-R drive. Fun fun.