“Weird” Error Messages

Whilst trying to use the nifty management console included with JRockit (supposedly the world’s fastest JVM), I recieved this error

COM.jrockit.common.util.AssertionFailedException: Received a weird y = 114 or weird time = 1041533639613 class = com.jrockit.console.ui.chart.DataSourceMemoryHeap

That’s the first time I’ve ever been told by a machine that something was “weird.”

Maven and Eclipse

I got this from James Strachan‘s blog. It’s about how you can have Maven generate the .project and .classpath files in order to have Eclipse auto-grok your project!

You can define this property a local build.properties, in the build.properties in your home directory or on the command line via -DpropertyName=value in the following command.

Then to update your eclipse installation so that its aware of the Maven repository, type the following.

maven eclipse:add-maven-repo

Now once you’ve configured your Eclipse installation, you can just cd into any of your maven-enabled projects directories and type

maven eclipse

and Maven will create a .project and .classpath for you!

Here‘s the full article. I’m a huge fan of Eclipse, and as I said before Maven was something I’d been meaning to look into. This adds another reason to look at it.