Irrational Pro-Piracy “Argument”

It’s really funny when someone knows something that he is doing is morally or ethically wrong but tries to explain it away as not really so bad. Case in point: on /. there is a thread about the BSA sending threatening letters to companies telling them to do a “self audit” of their software to make sure they are totally legal. One genius responded thusly

yeah but… so they “pirated” software. here is the result:

one, it doesn’t cost the software companies a thing. you steal a car, it takes steel, rubber, plastic from somewhere. you make a DIGITAL copy, it costs software co. nothing. and many of the “pirates” wouldn’t have bought the software.

Yep, it doesn’t “cost” the software companies anything. That’s a good one. Just like stealing cable or satellite service doesn’t “cost” those companies anything. His last sentence is the kicker, though. “[A]nd many of the ‘pirates’ wouldn’t have bought the software.” So, by this guy’s “logic” if you wouldn’t have bought a product anyway, but you still want to use it, it should be ok for you to just take it? Give me a break. It sounds to me like his conscience is whispering to him and he is doing his best not to listen.