Latest Nightly Eclipse Re-Adds Editor Linkage

The latest build of Eclipse has re-added a feature that I had been missing since the M4 or so. This feature is a linking of location between the Package view and the current editor. You’ve always been able to double-click on a class in the package explorer and have it bring that class up in the editor. What you used to be able to do, and what you can do again, is to have the package view updated based on your location. So if I’m editing Foo and then I click on the tab for Bar, the package view will now show that I’m in Bar. This is now a toggle instead of being foisted upon those who don’t like it. If you install this latest version (remember to do it like this) you’ll now see a little icon on the top of the package explorer that looks like this

Toggle Switch

I’m really glad this is back because I missed it. But I’m also glad that there’s a toggle switch because there were times that this behavior was a real pain.