Developing .NET Compact Framework Applications

I got my Dell Axim X5 handheld unit last night. Very nice device. Much nicer than my old Palm V. Gorgeous 16 bit color screen. Snappy response from the OS, which is PocketPC 2002. Battery life seems good. And with a wifi card sitting in the Compact Flash slot, I can get on my home network easily.

Now, here’s what’s really cool. I installed the final beta of Visual Studio last night. (And it only took 2.5 hours…) Within 30 minutes I had written, tested and deployed a Compact Framework application to the device. Writing with CF seems to be quite a bit easier/nicer than writing with J2ME. I haven’t looked at J2ME in quite some time, but the last time I looked it was not a fun thing to use. Writing apps for the Compact Framework, at least in my initial testing, is an absolute dream.