Excellent Verizon Wireless Tech Support

I just got off the phone with tech support at Verizon Wireless and I have to say it was one of the most pleasant tech support experiences I’ve ever had. I have a Kyocera 2235 tri-mode mobile phone. I bought Verizon’s MobileWeb, but in the year that I’ve had it, I’ve hardly used it because it’s just so cumbersome to type URLs on a phone keyboard. Well, with the acquisition of my Dell Axim PocketPC, that’s just changed. I got a cable to connect the Axim to the Phone and use it’s Internet connection. But I couldn’t figure out the settings to make it work. I called Verizon tech support and got a human within 60 seconds. He was extremely friendly, but not the right person to answer the question. He asked me to wait a little longer and assured me it would be no more than one minute before the right person would be on the line. He was right. I got another extremely friendly person who walked me through the settings on my Axim and stayed with me until I actually got connected. Total time on the call: 5 minutes. This was excellent service and I’m very happy.