Frank, Dean and Sammy

I’m listening to my Rat Pack Live at the Sands record, reveling in the silky sounds of Frank, Dean and Sammy. I listen to this record a lot because it’s just so cool. Recorded in 1963, the boys are at their best; singing, cutting up and just having a great time. (I also listen to my Sinatra at the Sands record from 1966 a lot.) But I sometimes get a bit sad when listening to it when I think about the fact that all three of them are dead. These guys were hip, cool music for a very long time. They had style, talent and tons of class. Contrast that with today’s music scene. There are very few “recording artists” today who could hold a candle to Frank, Dean or Sammy. I can’t think of any, actually. Most of what passes for music these days is just unredeemable crap (to wit). These guys had the mojo and they recorded a ton of music that will live on. Today’s bands could learn a lot from them.

Singing Microwave

In the kitchen at my office they bought us a new microwave a few months ago. We only had one at the time and there was always a line at lunch time to use it, so they got us a new one. Very nice. But this microwave, instead of just going “beep… beep… beep…” when your food is ready plays music. And not just one tune. No, you have your choice of tunes, such as “Auld Lang Syne” or selections from The Music Man… Is this really a feature that we need in our microwaves? And the tunes don’t really sound that good since a microwave is not a truly chromatic instrument. Thus some of these tunes just don’t sound right; just like some songs were never meant to be played on the bagpipe, even though people sure try. I’m not complaining about the microwave because it does cook well. I just don’t see the need for the serenade when your food is done. That feature was probably invented by the same guy who came up with “cool downloadable ringtones” for cell phones…

Newton’s Three Laws

A friend just came up with this and I thought it was really funny. Since he has no website, here it is:

Newton’s Three Laws of Corporations

  1. Any policy stays in place unless acted on by an outside force.
  2. The force required to change a policy is the product of the number of managers and accountants in the corporation and can be mathematically expressed as F=ma.
  3. Any action to change a policy will be met by an equal and opposite reaction to retain the policy.

The Manchurian Candidate

I can’t believe I’d never seen The Manchurian Candidate before last night! What an amazing film. I’d actually seen part of the rotating flower show/Communist roundtable scene, but the entire scene is absolutely chilling. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s about a U.S. Army unit that is waylaid in Korea in 1952 and brainwashed by Soviet and Communist Chinese forces to carry out a nefarious plot once they get back to the United States. The story is full of twists and black humor, but it also has a surprising amount of real, genuine humor, not the black kind. A chilling film, and long too (130 minutes) but well worth the effort and time to watch it.

Disney World Days 1 & 2

We arrived in Kissimmee, Florida around 1700-ish yesterday, tired but happy. We checked in to the Comfort Suites Maingate East and were treated to an enormous suite, the absolute largest hotel room I’ve ever been in. It was huge! At Thomas’ request we hit the pool and then went to a TGIFridays for dinner, played a round of Pirate mini golf and then hit the rack. Well, not before pulling all the day’s photos off the digicam and uploading them to my Photo Album.

(If you want to see our trip photos, go to my Photo album, click on My Photos and then on the day that you’d like to see. I’m uploading each day’s photos to a separate album.)

This morning we got up at 0600 and started getting ready. Downstairs at 0700 for a quick breakfast, and then off to Port Orleans: Riverside for our Walt Disney World stay. Things got off to a bit of a rocky start… we didn’t get the building we wanted, but after a bit of work on the cast member’s part, we were at least in the section we wanted. The bad news is when she tells me that three of the four bus stops will be CLOSED the entire time we are here…. Then our room wasn’t ready. She said it would be ready by 1500 and to just call. We ended up staying at the Magic Kingdom for several hours longer than we intended because the room still wasn’t ready. When I called back, they said it would be ready between 1500 and 1700. Guess what… it still wasn’t ready at 1700… They moved us to a new room, which is actually closer to everything, so there’s that silver lining…

We thoroughly enjoyed the Magic Kingdom, even though it was hot and crowded. I talked with two guys in line for Space Mountain and they said that the crowds during the week had been extremely light, which is what I had been counting on when I booked the trip… I took lots of photos, and these can be seen in the “WDW Day 2” album at my photo album.

Anyway… after finally getting our room, we suited up and hit the pool. We stayed there for an hour or so, then cleaned up and hit the food court here at the resort. Then back to the room to get the photos pulled, scaled and published…

Tomorrow we’re heading for Animal Kingdom which should be fun. It’s the one park that we’ve spent the least amount of time in over the years, so there should be quite a bit we never saw before.