Frank, Dean and Sammy

I’m listening to my Rat Pack Live at the Sands record, reveling in the silky sounds of Frank, Dean and Sammy. I listen to this record a lot because it’s just so cool. Recorded in 1963, the boys are at their best; singing, cutting up and just having a great time. (I also listen to my Sinatra at the Sands record from 1966 a lot.) But I sometimes get a bit sad when listening to it when I think about the fact that all three of them are dead. These guys were hip, cool music for a very long time. They had style, talent and tons of class. Contrast that with today’s music scene. There are very few “recording artists” today who could hold a candle to Frank, Dean or Sammy. I can’t think of any, actually. Most of what passes for music these days is just unredeemable crap (to wit). These guys had the mojo and they recorded a ton of music that will live on. Today’s bands could learn a lot from them.