Guilty Pleasure Confession

I must confess that I really like t.A.T.u, the Russian (allegedly) lesbian, (allegedly) teenaged singing duo. (I also grew to like the Spice Girls years ago, but that’s another story…) Anyway, I’ve been hearing them on the radio for a while, but I recently got the record, and it’s quite good. Their cover of the classic song “How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths is excellent. The song “All the Things She Said” is their defining song and is replete with sexually-charged, “we’re lesbians and we really really fancy each other” lyrics. Whether they are or are not into each other (or even girls in general) is up for debate, but they certainly play it up on camera and on stage.

This record is certainly not for the teen aged crowd (though I’m sure it’s a bestseller there), but for the adults, some good listening.

One thought on “Guilty Pleasure Confession

  1. Sorry, I’m just going over your back catalogue of blog postings and throwing in a few thoughts. “All the Things She Said” is the English “version” of the song’s title, to fit the meter — the original Russian title is “Y Soshla C Uma” (I Have Gone Out of My Mind / I’ve Gone Insane). A bit of a different connotation!

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