I Need a “Favorite Icon”

Everyone seems to have nifty little icons for their websites that show up in the address bar and on their bookmarks. I need one for my site, but I can’t think of anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? (And no, I won’t even consider a horse’s ass…) An elephant at a computer keyboard, perhaps? Probably too detailed for that small amount of real estate. Email me if you have a suggestion.

My Boy Likes The Ramones

There’s an advert running on the television right now for AT&T Wireless that features, of all things, the song Blitzkreig Bop by The Ramones. My 4.5 year old son, Thomas, has been running around the house singing the “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” chorus that is so prominent in the ad. So Saturday we’re in the car heading for Milledegville, GA for my grandmother-in-law’s funeral. We’ve just been listening to some exquisite Capercaillie when I tell Thomas I have a surprise for him. I pop in my 15 year old copy of Ramones Mania and skip to track 9. As soon as the chorus starts his eyes light up and he starts laughing and singing along. Now it’s the only song he wants to listen to. I think we’ve heard it 12 times since Saturday…