“Free” WiFi

I found two links to this BusinessWire story this morning; one at /. and the other at Boing Boing about the island country of Niue rolling out nationwide “free” wireless networking. Why can’t people understand that nothing from the government is ever free? Anything provided by government was paid for from the money seized from the citizens in taxes. And in most countries that have “progressive” tax policies, the majority of that money was taken from the “wealthy.” So everyone now has “free” wifi because some working stiff had to pony up to the tax man.

Big in Nigeria… Update!

Yesterday I wrote about how I had gotten two emails trying to get me to help get loads of cash out of Nigeria and Senegal. I replied to one of them with a single line: “Blow me.” Believe it or not, I actually got a response from the spammer. He said that he didn’t understand the contents of my email and would I please respond with an explanation. Ah, the mind reels at the possibilities…

Pain and Stupidity

Pain = Broken toe.

Worse Pain = Trying to ride a mountain bike with a broken toe and dismounting quickly to keep from hitting my son, landing squarely on the aforementioned broken toe.