FeaturePrice.com SUCKS ASS!!!

Those bastards at FeaturePrice.com have f@&ked every one of their web hosting customers today! About a month ago they sold the company to Atlantic.net in supposed “good faith.” I was prepared to wait and see if Atlantic.net was any good before I went with another host so I wouldn’t have to move everything. Well, today my website, mail server, ftp server, etc quit responding. When I got home and checked again, I was redirected to a page saying this:

Feature Price service currently interrupted.


Atlantic.Net has been working with the former entity of Feature Price to transition Feature Price customers safely to Atlantic.Net. However, today the former entity of Feature Price denied Atlantic.Net employees access to Feature Price’ equipment. Shortly after this occurred, all service to Feature Price customers ceased due to unknown factors at this time.

Now I am scrambling to not lose email and visitors to my blog. Fortunately I have joeygibson.net which is hosted at home on a DSL line (where you’re reading this right now…), so I’ve set web traffic to route there, and email to route to my ISP account… This will hopefully give me a bit of time to find a decent hosting company… I have looked into a couple of others before Atlantic.net came in to the picture because I wanted to 86 featureprice… but I wasn’t happy with either of them. One was Nureal.com and the other was FidelityHosting.com. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. If anyone can recommend a decent hosting company, that you personally have experience with, please do so. I have been paying about $35/month for my “service”, which gives me up to 5 domains and all the email addys I want. I have two other domains that I hosted on this same account that are just SOL right now.

Plus, I’ve got to reconstitute my blog from two different sources; my home machine and my office machine, because they weren’t in total sync… What you are seeing right now is just what I had at home, not the latest stuff that I’ve posted from my office… This should be fun. Not.

I do know that I hope the f@&kers at featureprice.com who pulled this shit die slow, bloody, painful deaths… Well, maybe not that bad, but I do hope, at a minimum, that financial calamity will be visited upon them all and they live the rest of their days as bums begging for money on the street corner…

Can You Spare An O-Positive Kidney?

Dave Jacobs, a friend of Dave Winer‘s, is in desperate need of an O-positive kidney. Here’s the story. I don’t actually know either of the Daves but I thought I’d help spread the word. If you or someone you know can help, please contact them.

And sign up to be an ORGAN DONOR! You only give your organs when you no longer need them, and you could literally save several lives in the process. You can go here for more information on organ donation. If your state lets you declare your intentions on your driver’s license, do it! My state, Georgia, actually gives you a discount on the driver’s license fee if you agree to be an organ donor.