No Joy With Hosting Companies

I said yesterday how I had been hosed by so I’ve been trying to find a decent hosting solution. I signed up with EarthLink yesterday for hosting, and 10 minutes ago I cancelled that account. Why? My blog is powerd by Blosxom which is a beautifully simple Perl script that needs a relatively modern version of Perl. The latest version of Perl is 5.8. Earthlink’s version is 5.004, which is about six years old! I asked if there was any chance of updating it, but they said “no.” Alas… I’m just going to host the stupid thing at home for a while. Not great since that’s a DSL line and won’t be as snappy.

My office-mate suggested we get two other guys and go in on a box at RackSpace or ServerBeach, which would be a pretty good deal. We’re looking in to it.

In the meantime, can anyone suggest a decent hosting company? With a modern version of Perl?