I Couldn’t Do This Job

Just like funeral directors, who do their jobs to help grieving families through a tough time, crime scene cleanup companies do the same thing. While I couldn’t do either job, I’m glad that there are folks who can. This story is an excellent article about this business, and a couple of the owners in particular. There are some gross details in it, and some bad language, but it’s worth reading it.

It’s Jar-Jaromir!

According to this story, there’s to be a new character in The Return of the King when it comes out in December. It’s Jar-Jaromir, half brother of Boromir and Faramir. According to the story:

The scene depicted in the trailer shows Jar-Jaromir shouting, “Gondora gonna fallsa”; he then trips over a corpse and knocks down a couple of Uruk-hai.

My favorite quote from the article is this:

[Peter] Jackson added, “I just love it when he shouts, ‘Yousa steala precious from meesa!'”