Eclipse 3.0 M2 Is Out

I just got the notice that Eclipse 3.0 M2 is now available. I’ve already been using 3.0, but judging by the release notes there’s a lot of chewy Eclipse goodness loaded in this release. I’ve already downloaded it and “installed” it, such as it is. I’ve upgrading my JDK to 1.4.2 and will fire the new Eclipse up shortly.

Update: OK, I’ve got M2 and JDK 1.4.2 installed. While it does monopolize my CPU on startup, once up it is fast! And there are lots of spiffy new features. My favorites so far are the JavaDoc and Declaration views. The JavaDoc view shows the javadoc for the selected method and the declaration view shows the declaration. Clicking on the “println” part of System.out.println results in the javadoc or the source code being shown, depending on which view is selected. Another feature, which mimics something that is in the new IntelliJ is a change indicator in the gutter on lines that you’ve changed in this editing session. Hovering over the marker shows what the line looked like before and allows you to revert changes. Very nice, indeed!