I’ve Got DSL Again!!!

After newly a full week of no DSL I’m back online. Last Friday night we had some pretty severe storms in the area, and apparently my DSL bridge got cooked. The Sync light was flashing green/amber/green/amber/etc which it had never done before, and I had no connection. After 30 minutes with EarthLink tech support, they agreed that it sounded like the bridge had been cooked. The tech said they would send me a new one and it should take three to five days. Today was (business) day 5, and it arrived.

As I took it from the box, I noticed that it was not the BroadMax like I had before, but a DQ-something-or-other. There was no documentation in the box, so I was a bit unsure if things were going to work or not. I hooked it up, turned it on, and within 60 seconds sync had been achieved, my router had done the PPPoE shuffle, and I was live again. Ooh yah! I’m so happy…