Freaky Friday

We went to see Freaky Friday last night. This, of course, is a remake of the original film of the same name from 1976. I was not terribly excited about seeing it, really rather wanting to see Pirates of the Caribbean or Terminator 3. But since I got to choose P. F. Chang’s for dinner, I had to go along, and I’m glad I did. This was an excellent film; extremely funny and well played. Jamie Lee Curtis is really good as the mom and as the daughter-trapped-in-the-mom’s-body. The daughter is good as well. I wouldn’t take my son to see it because of the terrible attitudes of the teen-agers and their proclivity for words like “sucks” and “blows” and a couple of other curses by the grown ups. For teens and up though, I think it’s ok. Here’s what has to say about it.

Bottom line: it was a very good and funny movie.