Dr. Moreau and Time Differences

I finished reading The Island of Dr. Moreau last night. That was one twisted book, especially since it was written in 1896. Twisted is really the only word to describe it. It was a good read but somewhat disturbing.

After finishing the text, I read the pages at the very back of the book and found something very interesting. My copy was printed and published in 1968, and the last two pages were an ad for the publisher listing other titles that they have. Here’s what it looks like

Dr. Moreau Advertisement

Notice the top paragraph on how to get these titles if your dealer doesn’t carry them: send the price of the book you want plus 10 cents for postage. Then notice the prices of the books. Most of them are 95 cents! (Well, all of them in this image are 95 cents, but there were others on the page for $1.25.) I know that money today and money in 1968 had vastly different values, but it’s just kind of funny to see books this cheap. To get this same book from Amazon.com today would cost $4.95, just for the book. Tack on 3 to 4 dollars for shipping and we’re up to 9 or 10 dollars at that point. Pretty sharp difference in price, eh?