No Lane Courtesy

I went bowling today with my wife & son and my folks. I love bowling, but I don’t actually get to do it that often. I love bowling, but I hate the bowling alleys because they are generally so full of cigarette smoke that I can’t breathe while there, and I come out smelling like a damned ashtray. But today we were there during a no-smoking period, which was nice.

Anyway, we had a good time, but I’ve been noticing over the last several times that I’ve bowled, that parents don’t seem to be teaching their children any lane courtesy. You know the “if someone is already poised to bowl on an adjoining lane, you must wait” type of courtesy. Or the “don’t hang around the foul line dancing around like a loon while your ball hurtles down the alley” type of courtesy. These youngsters today don’t know anything about that. They grab a ball and run up to the foul line with little regard for those on either side of them. It’s really annoying. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but when I was a kid and went bowling a lot, I was taught to be courteous of the bowlers on the adjoining lanes. Maybe bowling alleys need to make new bowlers take a course before they can take to the lanes the first time. 🙂