Nihongo ga Sukoshi Hanashimasu

I’ve run into Matsumoto-san several times so far this weekend, but each time only managed a sheepish ‘Hi,’ or something equally lame. The frustrating thing is that I’ve been practicing my Japanese for weeks in preparation for meeting him yet every time I came within speaking distance, I chickened out.

Well, finally tonight I worked up my courage, and as Matsumoto-san and I were walking alongside each other in the corridor, I leaned over and said:

Kon ban wa, Matsumoto-san. ‘Joey Gibson’ to moushimasu.

Matsumoto-san laughed heartily and responded with

Jouzu desu!

or something along those lines. He speaks very fast. Anyway I, now feeling a bit more confident, followed up with

Nihongo ga sukoshi hanashimasu, demo mada jouzu ja’arimasen.

To which he said

Iie, juubun jouzu desu.

Which made me very happy.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Matsumoto-san.

In The Flight Path

It’s 17:37 on Saturday and I’m sitting with some new friends at a little coffee shop called Flight Path, which is about 2 miles from the conference hotel. The reason we are here is because it has free wifi! I’m extremely tired and was going to take a short nap, but the lure of the network was too great, and I gave in. Alas, my rest will have to wait.

I’ve been suffering at 24.0 kbps for the past two days so this is a welcome change. We’ve got to head back for dinner in a few minutes and then a big presentation by Matz (the creator of Ruby). It should be fun.