Latest Screenings

I’ve watched a few things lately and here are my mini-reviews.

50 First Dates
It’s about a man who meets the girl of his dreams only to discover that she has no short term memory and forgets everything from the day before at night while she sleeps. Thus the title. This was a really cute film that made me laugh out loud several times. It’s quite touching at times as well. The only problem is that they went way overboard with one particular plot line, early on, that almost ruined it. They mostly recovered though, and it was an enjoyable film. Rob Schneider steals every scene he’s in. Drew Barrymore is adorable as the forgetful Lucy and Adam Sandler is the intrepid wooer. Four stars. It would have been five but for the aforementioned plot-overdoage…

This film is sort of like The Matrix meets vampires and werewolves. It’s about the age-old war between vampires and werewolves with the lovely Kate Becksinsale as Selene, a vampire “Death Dealer” whose job it is to hunt the werewolves into extinction. She is the narrator and protagonist and runs around in a tight black leather cat suit the whole time, usually with this flowing black leather trench coat. Very chic. To be honest, if Selene ever attacked me and wanted to turn me into a vampire… Well, let’s just say she would meet with fabulous success… But I digress… This movie didn’t fare very well with the critics, but I really enjoyed it. It’s a good action film, not a horror picture, which may have turned some horror fans off. I don’t watch horror films any more so I was pleased. There’s some amount of wire stunts, though that technique was used sparingly and thus didn’t make the whole movie about the wire work. Good sound-track too. Four stars.

Lost In Translation
I was up until 0200 this morning watching this movie. It is a wonderful film. Touching, funny, poignant, engrossing. Bill Murray is a has-been actor who is in Japan filming whiskey commercials. Scarlett Johansson is Charlotte, a young married girl in Japan with her photographer husband who is to busy to spend any time with her. She and Bob (Murray) meet up in the hotel lounge one night and end up spending several nights running around Tokyo enjoying each other’s company. Bob has been married for 25 years, but his marriage is not so great any more. Charlotte has been married for 2 years and it is already going downhill. While her husband seems to love her, he has no time for her. She and Bob connect in that hotel lounge and have a great time together in Tokyo. Of course eventually Bob has to leave… This movie was deeply touching and vexing at the same time. On the one hand, they are two married people who should not be hanging out together like they do. But on the other hand, both are miserable and for a few brief nights they share companionship, fun, excitement and a love that can’t be expressed. There are similar themes to one of my other favorite films, Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown where two people are madly in love with each other, but know that they can never express that love. I was conflicted in that I wanted them to express their love for each other, yet I also wanted them to stay true to their vows. It was a strange feeling. Lost in Translation is a definite Five Stars.

Sex and the City: Series Finale
Yes, I admit it, SatC is one of my favorite shows. I paused Lost in Translation last night to watch the series finale and it was worth it. I will miss the show, but I like how they tied everything up. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I was very satisfied with all the endings. I’m sure it will be on many more times this week.