Dervish + Live = Amazing!

Tammy and I just got back from seeing Dervish at the Variety Playhouse and all I can say is that if they come to a town within 100 miles of your house go see them!!! I’ve been waiting to see them for over 10 years now and finally they come to Atlanta. What an awesome show. The entire group, all seven of them, were extremely dynamic. They are tight and play some extremely fast, yet extremely musical, jigs and reels. Cathy Jordan is a lovely woman with a beautiful voice and typical Celtic sense of humor. Her introductions and occasional jokes were a highlight of the evening.

I took a pocketful of money with me to pick up the remaining Dervish records to complete my collection. I bought Midsummer’s Night, which I’ve been unable to find in America for the last 4 years (possibly because of it’s… umm… interesting cover…) and their latest record Spirit. Most of the sets they did tonight were from Spirit, but they did a bunch of older stuff too, much to my delight! So, again, if they come anywhere near you, go see them!

That picture is far from being the best photo in the world, but I took it from a table, not 5 feet from the band, with my LG VX6000 cameraphone.

One thought on “Dervish + Live = Amazing!

  1. Hi there, I’m a piper (mainly fiddler though) too and a big Dervish fan, so enjoyed reading your little review there..although it’s quite old I just stumbled across it!! Anyway your comment about the cover of midsummer’s night made me giggle because when a friend and I saw Dervish in Donegal a couple of years back she didn’t dare go and buy the cd in the interval because she was too embarassed! I think it’s fantastic, and I’d bet Cathy herself probably had something to do with it…! All the best, Lizzy

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