We’re Going to Disney World!

Our annual pilgrimage to Walt Disney World is rapidly approaching and I’m can hardly sit still waiting for it to arrive. At the sound of the beep, this is how much time I have left until we begin our drive to “The World”


Time until WDW: 10.50 days or 252.01 hours or 907,250 seconds

We’re actually doing something a bit different this year. We usually drive down the day before our reservations start and stay that one night “off property.” This year, our usual off property hotel was amazingly overpriced, and it worked out cheaper to stay at one of Disney’s “value” resorts. So our first three nights we’ll be staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, but without park tickets. This is by design because the first day is consumed with the drive down from Atlanta, so park tickets on that day would be a total waste. The second day we are going to Sea World. Tammy and I used to go to Sea World every year, but this will be Thomas’ first trip. He’s going to love it. And our third day we are going to Universal Studios Orlando.

Day 4 begins our real Disney World trip. We will leave the ASM bright and early that day, drive over to our usual resort, Port Orleans Riverside (n


I just got back from my first ride of the year and all I can say is “Ouch.” About 20 yards into the ride my legs were berating me for being a heretofore lazy idiot who now expects them to actually do something besides walk to the fridge. I made one circuit around the park, plus a little extra for a pathetic total of 3.79 miles. Sad, sad, sad. Now I have to try to stay motivated to actually hit the trail at least a few more times this week so I won’t keep starting over…

And I need new batteries for my GPS unit, which died 6 minutes into the ride. Not that I really need it to get around, but the geek in me likes recording my rides via satellite.

Ant Talk At CJUG

I want to thank the folks at CJUG for having me up last night to speak on Ant. I thought the talk went well, though I did run long. I must say it’s rather embarrassing to discover that your presentation, which is supposed to fit in about an hour and a half, in reality needs three hours to be done right… I need to pare it down so this doesn’t happen again. Those in attendance didn’t seem to mind too much, and everyone stuck around a bit longer than planned, which was nice to see.

What I’d really like to do is to extract a subset of the slides into a smaller presentation, yet still have them linked so that I would only have to revise the slides in one PowerPoint file instead of two. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria

We went to see Cirque du Soleil: Alegria in Atlanta last night. O boy, what a show. It was awesome, though I believe the La Nouba show at Disney World is awesome-er. The music of Alegria is wonderful, but the show is just not quite as “big” as La Nouba. Most of the acts have a single actor focus, whereas in La Nouba most of the acts featured multiple actors doing something at the same time, with lots of “etc” stuff going on all over the stage. The “Russian Bars” segment and the “power track” trampolines were incredible to watch. The clowns are quite funny and entertaining. I would definitely go see it again. Thomas was ready to see it again as soon as he realized it was over… 🙂