New Company

Some of you who know me have already heard the news, but yesterday was my last day at BravePoint. A friend called me recently with an absolutely killer idea for a company. So I jumped. We officially start next Monday and I can’t wait. It’s just the two of us that constitute the company; he’s the business guy and I’m the technology guy. I can’t say what the product is (not yet, anyway), but it’s going to be huge. This is important work, and I’m very excited to get going.

Stay tuned for more details.

How Does Google Desktop Decide What’s A Text File?

So I finally broke down and installed Google Desktop even though it won’t index my web pages or email since I use Firefox and Thunderbird. I installed it because of the potential to index all of my source code because I am always thinking to myself “I just know I’ve got some source around here to do that…”

So I installed it yesterday, but what I want to know is how does the indexer decide what is a text file and what isn’t? It obviously isn’t just looking for files ending in .txt, but it does seem to have a list of extensions that it checks. I have installed the tool on two different machines, and after over 24 hours, I still have no indexing of any Ruby, Lisp or C# files. I can see plenty of results inside Java, C, Perl and Python files, which is why I think they have a list of “approved” text file extensions. I could be wrong and it just hasn’t gotten to any of my Ruby or Lisp files yet, but I’ve got tons of Ruby files on my system, so it seems like a slim chance that it wouldn’t have run across any of them. I’ll keep an eye on it, but I’m doubtful at this point.

I really hope this is just a time issue. I think this tool will be really useful (despite the email and browser issues) but it needs to find the files I care about.

I Am Bushed…

Today is Day Three of RubyConf2004 and I’m tired. This has been a good conference. Lots of stuff to think about and play with. Lots of code flying around and lots of laptops all in one room. I was up until 02:00 this morning working on an ADO adapter for Active Record in order to talk to SQL Server. I’ve got about 40 failing tests right now (out of 143) so I’m closing in on finishing… It’s been interesting. I only just began looking at Active Record yesterday morning, so I think I’m doing pretty well. Active Record is an OR framework in Ruby that is really simple to work with. Very cool. It’s part of the Rails suite, which is an MVC framework for building websites in Ruby. Very intriguing.

Motörhead On Drew Carey!

I’m sitting here in my hotel room, trying to find something on tv when I end up on the Drew Carey show. All of a sudden, who should be playing live, but Motörhead! I love those guys! I remember the first time I ever saw Motörhead was on an episode of The Young Ones. They used to have a band play every episode, and on this particular one, I heard “Ace of Spades” for the first time. I was hooked. Ooo yah! I saw them live a few years ago in Atlanta. They were great, but the three opening bands sucked.