First Day At the New Company

Well, today was “Day One” of the new company. We spent all day in a conference room, trying to nail down what our “product” is, and boy did we make progress. After one particularly good session, I opined that “We came in with a kick-ass product, but now it’s way kick-assier.” That may well become our rallying cry… 😉 Seriously, today was an excellent day. We made major progress towards deciding exactly what we’re going to provide, and a little bit of the “how.” This is a very exciting time.

On an implementation note, I was originally planning on building the product using Struts, but after having lunch with a friend last Tuesday, and doing my own research, I’m about 93 2/3% certain that I’m actually going to use Tapestry. (Thanks, Tom!) I am about 2/5 of the way finished reading Tapestry in Action by the Tapestry creator, Howard Lewis Ship. It’s quite a bit different from Struts, and I really like the MVC model that it provides. It seems a lot more OO to me, and quite a bit simpler to work with and maintain.