A Bit of a Mixup…

I took some time off today to go down to the Festival of Trees, which benefits Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and had a good time. My wife was on the team that created my son’s school’s tree for the festival, and it won FIRST PLACE in the School division. Their tree beat out 99 other trees, which is pretty impressive.

But that’s not the mixup. We were looking at some displays of Christmas from other countries. When we came to the display for the Philippines the following conversation ensued between myself and my son, Thomas:

Me: Hey, Thomas. This one’s from the Philippines.
Thomas: Ooo, Daddy. Those are baaad people.
Me: …
Thomas: Baaad people.
Me: Oh! No, Thomas, you mean Philistines!

Just a wee tad bit different… 🙂