Jerry Orbach is Dead… Damn…

I just heard on the radio that Detective Lenny Briscoe won’t be returning home after his last shift. Jerry Orbach, who played Briscoe on my favorite tv show (Law & Order) died yesterday of prostate cancer. I just found out that he has prostate cancer last week, and now he’s gone. He was 69. I really hate that. MSNBC has the story.

Tsunami: Unbelievable

I can barely comprehend the death toll that is now being reported from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami over the weekend. The latest numbers are around 60,000 80,000 and that’s really hard to believe. Not that I doubt the figure; I’m saying it’s just hard to wrap my brain around that many deaths. I can’t imagine the suffering that the survivors are enduring.

There are some satellite photos of the beach in Sri Lanka here, here and here. The first photo is from January, just as a frame of reference. The second shows the waves coming in and the third is after they hit. Amazing. And there are some stunning videos here.

Update: CNN has the latest counts.