Changing Comment System… Again…

Well, those wastes of oxygen, otherwise known as comment spammers, have been at it again. I’ve been getting hundreds of attempts to post comment spam lately, and I’m sick of it. Fortunately, thanks to my CAPTCHA modifications (the wiggly text at the bottom of the comments pages), none of them have gotten through, but it’s still quite taxing on my CPU. And when that CPU is shared with others, that’s not good. So, since I can’t actually kill any of the toads who try so hard to vandalize my site, I figured I try to outsource the comment system. Someone at church mentioned HaloScan as a comment-system-provider that did blacklisting and such, so I thought I’d give them a try. If nothing else, at least my CPU will get a break… I’m hoping that this will work out. I really like having comments from readers, but it’s getting to be a real PITA dealing with the living sewage who like to post ads for pr0n and drugs on other people’s blogs.

As an example of how bad it’s gotten, last week, when I still had email notification turned on, I received 334 emails alerting me of attempts to post spam in one day. None succeeded, but I still had to wade through all those emails. And just last night I got an email from my friend (on whose box I host my site) that he had to rename the program that runs my blog, because it was hogging the CPU. It’s all because of the worthless dirtbag comment spammers. Have I mentioned that I hate these “people?”