GTK+ Eating Ctrl-Shift…

I’ve been using Eclipse for a long time now, but almost exclusively on Windows. I’m now using it on a SuSE Linux box quite a bit, and I’m using the GTK+ version instead of the Motif version. While the thing works nicely, some of the key bindings are different from those on Windows, so I decided to change them. The first was changing Source>Format from the horrible Esc Ctrl-F back to Ctrl-Shift-F. Imagine my surprise when I could not map it to Ctrl-Shift-F as it is on Windows. As it turns out, it’s not Eclipse’s fault (though that key editor is pretty bad). No, the fault lies with the GTK toolkit which eats Ctrl-Shift-x sequences, because it assumes you are wanting to enter special Unicode characters. That’s fine and good, but it should be configurable, and from everything that I’ve read, it isn’t.

Does anyone know how to tell GTK to stop eating Ctrl-Shift sequences, or am I stuck with this?

Streaming MP3 Files With Edna

I discovered ApacheMP3 the other day, and since I’ve been wanting to be able to stream my music collection inside my house, I decided to give it a go. So now I’ve been fighting with ApacheMP3, and mod_perl and the various other pieces of software that were needed, for a few days now. It’s been a fight because my Apache server happens to live on Windows. I’ve been happily using Apache 1.3x for some time now but when I discovered ApacheMP3, I decided to upgrade to Apache2, which no longer had the stability warnings for Windows. That part of the upgrade went well. It was trying to get mod_perl installed and working that I hit problems. And the Ogg support. I tried building these against Apache2 and after failing several times with that, tried again with Apache1. I installed the ActiveState-compiled mod_perl, but still got errors. It’s too long a tale to go into here. Suffice to say that I downgraded to what I originally had and just said “screw it, I just won’t stream my MP3’s.”

So, just as I was prepared to give up, I did one more Google and discovered Edna. I had it installed, configured and running inside of 10 minutes. And that was as a Windows service! I can now stream my music anywhere in the house effortlessly. I specifically wanted to be able to access the music from my laptop, and now I can. The only wrinkle is that it seems to only support MP3 and Ogg, but I also have files in SHN, FLAC and Monkey formats. I haven’t actually investigated yet, so there may be installable support for those formats as well.

I’m very happy.