I Need JavaScript Obfuscator Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a decent JavaScript obfuscator? I don’t really care about free vs. payware as I’ll gladly pay for a quality product, so don’t limit yourselves to free products only. My only real requirement is that is must, must, must run from the command line on both Windows and Linux. It can be Java or C or Python or Ruby or anything else that is cross-platform. I have found a few, but they all seemed to run as a GUI, which violates my one requirement.

Why is the command line so important? I need to be able to have this program run as a part of my Ant build script, so no GUI’s allowed. I did actually find one obfuscator that was written in Java and ran dandily from the command line, but I didn’t find its obfuscation compelling. IOW, I didn’t think it did that much to make the scripts hard(er) to decipher. I’m currently using JSMin which, while not an obfuscator (it’s an uglifier), was better than the obfuscator I mentioned.

Anyway, leave a comment or send me email if you have a suggestion.