Business Advice

Tuesday night my wife, son and I were coming home from a lovely dinner out. I was talking about stuff going on at work when Thomas (my wonderful 7-year-old boy) began the following conversation with me. (I’ve changed some of the names.)

Thomas What are you talking about?
Me Well, there are these people called Venture Capitalists and they have lots and lots and lots and lots of money. They try to find small companies that they can give this money to to help them become big companies so they can all make lots more money. And so, Mr. White and Mr. Pink are going to do a presentation to these people to try to convince them that our company is a good one to invest in.
Thomas Maybe they could do a puppet show for them!
Me A puppet show, eh?
Thomas Yeah. They could have sock puppets and do that to get them to give you some money. It would be great!
Me Yeah, it probably would be.

I just love how simple his world view is at this point.