David Letterman Uses Mind Control…

This case should never have seen the light of day. This woman should be tossed into a looney bin, because she is clearly insane. The lawyer who took her case should be disbarred and fined heavily. The judge who is allowing this farce to continue should be removed from the bench and also fined. And all three should have to pay Letterman’s legal fees plus damages. This is an outright abuse of the legal system, but sadly, none of this is going to happen.

Now This is Good Customer Service!

Last Thursday was my 15th anniversary, and in commemoration of that date, I decided to get my lovely wife some flowers and have them delivered. I ended up going with proflowers.com and got the Three Dozen Assorted Petite Roses. I payed for shipping plus an extra charge (about $4) for “guaranteed morning delivery.” The price was good, overall.

The day of delivery came and the morning went and still no flowers. They finally showed up via FedEx around 1:30 PM, which is definitely not morning delivery. So I sent an email to ProFlowers customer support telling them what happened and asking for a refund of the $4 that was supposed to guarantee morning delivery. I got a response back later that day. They didn’t just refund the $4, they refunded the entire shipping charge, which was a decent chunk of the total price. I was happy, and I will definitely use them again in the future. It’s customer service like this that keeps customers coming back.

And by the way, the flowers were beautiful and have lasted the 7 days they said they will, and I believe they will last several more.

Getting Out the Crèche

So the other night we were finishing up the decking of the halls here at Chez Gibson when my seven-year-old son Thomas asked the following question

Mom, when are we gonna get out that thing? You know… the thing with the Jesus action figures?

He meant our Nativity scene…

I was half asleep in my luxurious leather chair when he said it, but I did hear it. I got a good chuckle out of that because he meant it so seriously and honestly.