World Blogger Championship: My Results

Well that was fast… I lasted 49 minutes and finished in 1,687th place out of 2,247 players.

I was doing quite well for a while. I alternated being table chip-leader with another player a few times. I picked up several small (< $300) hands and lost a couple of small hands. Then I hit pocket Kings and felt like I could bet. I bet and only one other player stayed in. She bet something like $2,200, and I called. The only thing she could have had to beat me was pocket Aces… and that's exactly what she had. I should have realized that and folded, but I didn't. There were precious few showdowns at the table up to that point, so not a whole lot of data to go on. Oh well. It was fun, and I'll be entering more tournaments. This was a learning experience.

My First Hold ’em Tournament

Last night I went over to the Loafing Leprechaun to play in a free Texas Hold ’em tournament. This was my first time playing with humans who weren’t related to me, so I was quite excited. I’ve only been playing for a few months, mostly online, and I think I did pretty well.

The first table I was at was quite friendly. I won two pots at that table, totaling around $400 (play-money). After a while, the host broke our table and redistributed us to other tables that had vacancies. This new table was not as friendly. Everyone there seemed to know each other, and they mostly just talked among themselves. I’m not complaining about it, but it did make the table feel less inviting. And they all had sailors’ mouths, dropping F-bomb’s right and left. There was one girl there who was the worst. And three of them smoked, which was just disgusting. The first table was in a protected area, so there was very little smoke. At this table, I couldn’t get away from it. Nasty, vile, blech.

Anyway, at this table I kept getting garbage hands, so I wasn’t seeing much action. I did play one or two, losing them, but for the most part I kept folding. Finally, with the blinds at $200/$400, me the Big Blind and down to my last $400, I had to play what I was dealt: Queen-Four. Not good. Everyone folded except the small blind and since I was already all-in, we showed our hands. She had Ace-Jack; not good for me. The flop showed another Jack, which was worse for me. I don’t remember what came on the turn but it didn’t help either of us. On to Fifth Street and what should drop, but a Queen, giving me top pair. I was very excited, because I was still alive. I folded the next couple of hands, and then bet it pocket 9’s. The one guy who called went all-in, and I had to call. He beat me with trip Jacks.

I lasted for 2.5 hours, which was actually better than I expected. It was great fun, and I will be back.

Cars – Excellent Film

Thomas and I just got back from seeing Cars. What a great movie. I haven’t laughed so hard since… well.. since I saw Over the Hedge but that’s not important right now. Cars is great. There are times when you really can’t tell that it’s an animated film; it just looks so real. It’s funny and touching with a great story and stunning graphics. I give it 2 Fenders Up!