World Blogger Championship: My Results

Well that was fast… I lasted 49 minutes and finished in 1,687th place out of 2,247 players.

I was doing quite well for a while. I alternated being table chip-leader with another player a few times. I picked up several small (< $300) hands and lost a couple of small hands. Then I hit pocket Kings and felt like I could bet. I bet and only one other player stayed in. She bet something like $2,200, and I called. The only thing she could have had to beat me was pocket Aces… and that's exactly what she had. I should have realized that and folded, but I didn't. There were precious few showdowns at the table up to that point, so not a whole lot of data to go on. Oh well. It was fun, and I'll be entering more tournaments. This was a learning experience.