The Mythbusters at Georgia Tech

My sister called me yesterday to tell me she had two extra tickets to see The Mythbusters at Georgia Tech last night, and did I want them. Yes, please. So Thomas and I set out eagerly for the show around 5:30 yesterday evening. After missing every single traffic light (save one) we finally made it to the concert hall.

Thomas and I both love the show, but I was a little concerned about how “colorful” Adam’s and Jamie’s language might get given how much swearing they do on the show, and since there wouldn’t be any Discovery Channel censors there. I told him before we went that if they started swearing too much, we’d have to leave, and he was OK with that. Well, they did get a bit colorful, but we didn’t leave. There were no “F-bombs” dropped, and several of the curses that were uttered went past him (I think).

It was a fun evening, with lots of stories from the guys, a video of stuff the “Discovery Channel wouldn’t show,” and a very strange (drunk?) woman in the audience talking about Adam and Jamie and microcosms and macrocosms…

I took several crappy photos of them, which you can see here.