Wow, That’s Quite a CPU You Have There…

I noticed that when I moved over to the new, shiny Mac Pro that I hadn’t brought over all my digital photos. I’m glad I realized this before whacking the hard drive in the old Windows machine… Anyway, I brought over 2Gb of photos and started importing them into iPhoto. Shortly after it started, I noticed my iconified activity monitor showing activity on all four cores of the CPUs, so I opened it and saw a very large number for CPU percentage for iPhoto. I assume it’s some sort of sum of cpu utilization across the cores, but it looks pretty funny, however they compute it.

2 thoughts on “Wow, That’s Quite a CPU You Have There…

  1. This is common on all versions of Unix: if you have more than 1 CPU (or core), you have multiples of 100% of available CPU.
    My guess is you have a quad-core system, so you could potentially see 400% CPU utilization.
    Cool, huh? 🙂

  2. It’s two dual-core processors, so there are four cores. I’ve never had a multi-core system before, so I’ve never seen this before (though I’ve worked on Unix systems for 16 years).

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