My Second Game, Now With New-and-Improved Grips

Three friends and I went up to the Chateau Elan, Par 3 yesterday for my second golf outing. While my score didn’t improve that much (a 51, down from 53), I felt like I played better, in terms of mechanics. I had just as much fun as the first time, even though it was about 8 degrees hotter.

Also of note is that I was playing with new grips on my irons. As I mentioned before I took my clubs to the PGA Tour Superstore and got some pretty, red Lamkin Crossline grips put on, which made a nice change. It was almost like getting a new set of clubs, at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what it looks like

I’m playing this same course again tomorrow (Tuesday), so maybe I’ll shave a few more strokes off my score.