No Flash By Default In Fedora 8? Huh?

I saw that Fedora 8 had been released, so I thought I’d install it inside Parallels and check it out. After a long install, I booted up in 800×600 mode… Lovely. I googled to find out how to change the screen resolution and discovered I needed to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, so I typed sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf and was promptly told that my userid was not in the sudoers file, and that “this incident will be reported.” I’ve just gotten used to OSX and Ubuntu that handle that sort of thing, so this was a bit of an annoyance. Of course, I was able to just su without issue…

So already, I’m not overly impressed. The WTF? moment came when I ran Firefox and discovered that there’s no Flash plugin installed! Who thought that was a good idea? Flash is used on 80%, 90% of all websites, and the Fedora people thought it would be a good idea not to ship the plugin?

OK, so it should be easy to install, right? I clicked on the “click here to download plugin” button and after it chugged for about 10 seconds I was told that it failed. So I went to the Adobe website to download the installer. I’ve now got it installed, but what a joke. The Linux zealots love to claim that “linux is ready for the desktop” but it’s stupid things like this that really show that it isn’t. Granny isn’t going to know how to manually install the Flash plugin.