iPhone on Order. Woot!

I’ve been lusting after the iPhone ever since it came out. Now I’m a-gettin’ one for Christmas. I placed the order about 5 minutes ago. Oh, yeah. I can’t wait. After running some numbers, I discovered that if Tammy and I both switched to AT&T, the family plan would only cost us $20 extra per month than what we were paying with our ancient calling plan with Verizon. That was the final piece of the puzzle that has allowed me to get the iPhone.

4 thoughts on “iPhone on Order. Woot!

  1. But is your contract up with Verizon???? If it isn’t and you change there is a FAT early termination fee…….

  2. Oh I am soooo jealous. I am pushing to get one but Bob has a few problems paying 399 euros for a phone. Plus sadly here in Germany the T-Mobile deal isn’t quite as good as the O2 deal in the UK.
    In the UK I would get unlimited data traffic but in Germany I either get 200mb, 1GB or 5GB a month depending on the tariff I got. 200mb seems a bit low but not sure 1GB is worth the extra 20 euros a month.

  3. I’m going to get the cheapest family plan, which has unlimited data. We’re going to get my wife a cheapo/free phone so we both move to AT&T from Verizon.

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