Are My Local Krogers Blocking EDGE Data?

Since getting my iPhone, I’ve visited two Kroger stores near my house and in both stores I was unable to access the Internet over the EDGE network. In both stores I had 5 bars of signal, and in both stores I was able to place calls, so it wasn’t a signal problem. But in both stores, trying to access any website using Safari failed with a message about not being able to find the server. Now, in both stores the iPhone popped up its list of available WiFi networks and in both stores that list contained a single network called “nomad5.” In both cases the network was private, so I didn’t try to connect.

Am I seeing something nefarious where there is nothing? Is it just coincidence that in both of these Kroger stores I was unable to get on the EDGE network, despite the fact that I had a perfect signal? Is there some technical aspect that I don’t understand? I’d love an answer to this. There is a third Kroger that is about 5 minutes from my house, so I will try to get to it and run a test to see what happens there.

2 thoughts on “Are My Local Krogers Blocking EDGE Data?

  1. nomad5 is the SSID Kroger uses for its in store operations equipment. Examples include Windows Mobile PCs manufactured by Symbol. These devices are used for managing inventory, signage, etc.

  2. I have a Ipod touch and i work for kroger, they do have external internet but it is run through a citrix server as well there other desktop systems.The system is setup to only allow managers to access the outside internet. Nomad5 is the network that makes the u-scans work, there is another connection that should pop up in that list, it should be called VPnaotr, it is used for the windows mobile PCs that are made by symbol to help keep track of the inventory etc. The password for VPNator should be that store’s Store Manager’s last name. But how ever connecting to that connection will still not allow a outside internet connection. Next time you are in try turning the WIFI off on your ipone, it should allow a internet connection to be present with the EDGE Network.

    Hope this helps you.

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