Hoosgot? Yoosgot!

I’ve seriously gotten into Twitter, so much so that I’m using it from my shiny iPhone. Yesterday I noticed an announcement from David Sifry about his new service called Hoosgot. It’s the “return of the LazyWeb” whereby you can toss a question over the wall to Hoosgot, it will automatically pick it up and send it out “into the ether” where someone might know the answer might see the question and might answer it. I decided to give it a try.

I use Blosxom as my blog engine. I’ve used it since January 3, 2003, so I’ve got quite a time-investment in it. About two weeks ago I was trying to improve my Google-mojo when I noticed that all my story links that Google knew about all had the same title, “Joey Gibson’s Blog.” That’s fine if you are on the front page, but each story has a title that should be indexed with it. I set about figuring out how to get the story title to show up in the browser titlebar (which is essentially how Google titles articles when it indexes them), but after a few hours of trying to remember long-forgotten Perl, I failed. So yesterday when I saw the Hoosgot announcement, I gave it a shot. Within two minutes of posting a tweet directed to @hoosgot, I had a private tweet from Gavin Carr telling me the Blosxom plugin I needed. Within five minutes of that, I had my problem solved. That, my friends, is very cool, indeed. Hoosgot looks like something that could be very cool.

For those interested, the answer was to use the storytitle plugin. What’s also interesting about this is that Gavin told me he is a “happy user” of a Blosxom plugin that I wrote a few years ago called reading_room.