I Have iPhone. It Doth Rock.

FedEx man came to my house yesterday morning, bearing a box from Apple, via China, Hong Kong and Alaska. Inside it was my iPhone. Oh, yes. And I opened the box and saw the gleaming, black screen. Lust. I hooked it up and set about activating it via iTunes. After going through the whole process, I was told that it couldn’t activate it, and I needed to visit an AT&T store. Uncool. But, actually, we needed to visit an AT&T store anyway, because we needed to get my wife a new phone and switch her over to the AT&T network, so we could get a family plan. Thus, it wasn’t a tragedy that it couldn’t activate via iTunes, but it was sort of a downer.

So we went to our nearest store and got mucho help from a lovely lady called Carolyn. We got Tammy a new phone + accessories and got the account setup. Carolyn gave me a special code for activation, but since the account was already setup, iTunes didn’t need it any more. It still wasn’t instant activation; I got a message saying that my activation required “more time” and they would email me when it was done. It took about an hour.

So then it was activated and working. I got my number transferred from Verizon and I am happy. I played with it almost constantly for about three hours last night, whilst sitting in my luxurious, leather recliner. I was having DSL problems lat night, so it would switch between using my WiFi and the EDGE network without missing more than a beat. Nice. I love the integration between your contacts and Google maps, and the Safari browser is cool.

Now we just need Apple to give us a real SDK for writing real apps.


My Wife’s Getting an iPod Nano For Christmas!

I’m so happy! My wife is taking a ginormous step into the technology age: she’s letting me get her an iPod Nano for Christmas. In fact, she’s not just “letting” me get her the iPod. No, she actually chose the iPod over jewelry! This is huge news, people. You have no idea. She picked out the red one, which has the added bonus of helping people in Africa. Or something….

Tracking the iPhone

As I said yesterday, I’ve ordered my iPhone. This morning I had an email from Apple saying it was on its way, along with a FedEx tracking number. About 10:00 this morning, this is what FedEx told me:


and as of about 7:00 tonight, FedEx said this:


There may be a card in the box saying “Designed by Apple in California” but it’s fairly obvious that Apple’s products are “Built and Packaged for Apple in China.” But hey, as long as it gets here quickly, and it works, I don’t care.

I ended up at the Mall of Georgia today and to my surprise, there’s now an Apple store there. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have ordered the iPhone online. Oh, well. What was cool was that I actually got to touch one for the first time. Wow. They had five or six on a display table and they were all online and working. I was able to run Safari and play around with the multi-touch screen and the onscreen keyboard. It will take me a little bit of practice to type well with that keyboard, but I’m sure it will come to me. I’m looking forward to Twittering via SMS message like all the cool kids do.

Can NASA Only Track One Spacecraft?

I was watching the press conference on NASA TV tonight discussing the latest delay on STS-122 that was supposed to have launched yesterday, but now looks like it will launch on Sunday. During the questions from reporters, one asked how many delays could they endure before it impacted the next mission. One of the men on the panel said that basically they had plenty of time before the Feb 14 launch of the next mission. But he also said, “Of course, you can’t launch the next one until this one gets back” (paraphrase). Really? Can NASA only track one spacecraft at a time, or are they just being cautious?

I really wish our space program were father along than it is. We just seem to keep doing the same things, and not really expanding the program. It’s very frustrating. If they really can’t track more than one craft at a time, then it seems like doing anything more than poking along like we are now, running a delivery service for the space station, is all our space program is going to be for a while.

iPhone on Order. Woot!

I’ve been lusting after the iPhone ever since it came out. Now I’m a-gettin’ one for Christmas. I placed the order about 5 minutes ago. Oh, yeah. I can’t wait. After running some numbers, I discovered that if Tammy and I both switched to AT&T, the family plan would only cost us $20 extra per month than what we were paying with our ancient calling plan with Verizon. That was the final piece of the puzzle that has allowed me to get the iPhone.