My First Seesmic! Woot!

I’ve had an account on Seesmic for a few weeks now, but just a crappy HP webcam, that didn’t work all that well with my Mac. The biggest problem was lack of a mic. So I bought a USB mic last week, which worked OK (but horribly for iChat A/V where the audio feedback made it sound like I was shouting into a canyon). But today, while at the Apple Store, I found Logitech QuickCam Vision MP for Mac and it came home with me. It’s much nicer than what I had, and I can replace two USB devices with one.

So, what did I do with it? I recorded the video below. I don’t know why the room looks like there’s a yellow fog in it.

Watch the Video <!– –>

2 thoughts on “My First Seesmic! Woot!

  1. Greetings
    Thx for the post
    I just csme home ith this too, only im a mac newb. How do you record ?…what program ??? thx a bunch

  2. Seesmic has a browser client written in Flash. So once you are a member of Seesmic, you’re all set. Unfortunately, they are in a closed alpha test right now, and aren’t accepting new members.

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