Ancient Food In the Pantry

I got industrious tonight and decided to clean out our pantry. It’s been a while and it took a very long time with many trips to the outside trash can. But one item really caught my attention. Watch the video to find out what it was.

Watch the Video <!– –>

3 thoughts on “Ancient Food In the Pantry

  1. Interesting, the video title suggests the video is 2 minutes and 46 seconds long, yet the video itself starts at around 1 minute 25.
    Its like it is basically counting time on from the length of the previous video.
    If you can record another video we can see if it kicks off at about 2.46 …

  2. Robert, that is interesting. I guess you could say, “Well, it *is* pre-alpha software at this point.” 🙂
    Danny, I don’t believe I would use “prune” and “good” in the same sentence, unless a “not” was in there somewhere. 🙂

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