Snellville Diner – Maybe Not…

There’s a new restaurant that’s opened up near us called the Snellville Diner. We keep saying, “We need to try the Snellville Diner,” but so far we haven’t gotten over there. And now, I don’t know if we ever will. They had a health inspection on Feb. 18 and they got a 29 out of 100!!! What the hell?!? How do you get 29 out of 100? Correction: how do you get a 29 out of 100 and stay open?

They had a follow-up inspection yesterday and this time they scored a stellar 62. From reading the inspection reports, not only were there problems from the first inspection that weren’t dealt with, there were new problems. Several of the problems dealt with not washing hands after hitting the restroom and improper handling of things like raw chicken and other things that are going to end up killing someone.

You can read the reports for yourself here. But the two egregious reports are

After the crappy BBQ place that was in that location before closed up, I was happy to see something new opening up. But if they are off to such an awful start, I doubt it’s going to last. I can tell you it’s going to take about 6 health inspections with 100’s on them before I’d be willing to try it.

Update: According to this article in the AJC, the Snellville Diner had a third inspection and received a 100. I’m still going to pass on trying this place, at least for a while. While you might be able to convince an inspector that everything is OK, continuing the proper practices long-term is what’s really important.

Houston, We’re Not Getting Email

While cooking my breakfast this morning I turned on the NASA channel on TV to see what was going on with the Atlantis mission. There was a beautiful video shot of the open cargo bay with the Earth below; quite stunning. Then the chatter between Atlantis and Mission Control. I didn’t write it down, but one of Atlantis’ crew was saying something about mail not moving from the outgoing mail folder to the sent mail folder and just needing to wait for the next mail sync. Mission Control then said something about Atlantis having Outlook problems. Gack! They’re using Windows on the Shuttle?!? They’re doomed!!!

Seriously, based on all of my many years experience with Windows, I would really be uncomfortable knowing that Windows was on the shuttle doing anything other than letting the astronauts play games.