iPhone Password Entry Is Now 600% Better

One of the most frustrating things about the previous version of the iPhone software was password entry. Apple used a masked entry field, which means that instead of seeing what you type, you see a splat. On a computer with a big monitor, that’s understandable; you don’t want someone stealing your password by looking over your shoulder. But on the iPhone, it seemed a bit silly, and it was incredibly hard to know if you’d typed your password properly.

But with iPhone 2.0, things have changed. It still uses a masked entry field, but now the most-recently typed letter is visible until you type the next character, or for about 2 seconds if that’s the last letter. Oh, mama, that’s an awesome improvement. I will make far fewer errors now! 🙂

Why Can’t I Install iPhone Apps Via iTunes?

09/15/2008 Update: I wrote this article back in July, right after iPhone OS 2.0 was released. You’ll notice from the update on 08/01/2008 that I figured out what was going on. But since so many people keep asking, let’s establish something once and for all:


It doesn’t work. It can’t work, since the 1.1.x version of the OS doesn’t support applications. You must install the 2.x version of the OS. 

Now, if you still want to read the original story, here it is:

OK, so I’ve got iPhone 2.0 loaded, and I successfully installed an app from the App Store from the device itself, but I can’t seem to get app installing working from within iTunes. I have downloaded three apps via iTunes and they all came down successfully, but they don’t show up on my iPhone. All three show up in the Applications pane of iTunes, so they successfully downloaded to my Mac, but even after manually syncing and unplugging and re-plugging the iPhone in, they never show up on the device. Going into the App Store on the iPhone itself and installing from there works, but I do get a message saying that I’ve already purchased that app, and would I like to re-download it for free. After that, the app is installed, but something is wrong. Or maybe I missed something.

08/01/2008 17:38 Update: I discovered the trick a day or so after I wrote this, but since someone else is still having the problem, I’m updating the post with the answer. Follow these steps

  1. Click on your iPhone in the Devices section of iTunes
  2. Click on the Applications tab
  3. Check the “Sync applications” checkbox
  4. Select either “All applications” or “Selected applications” and then check the ones you want synced.
  5. Click the “Sync” button.

That’s it.

iPhone 2.0, Installed. First App, Installed.

My download of the iPhone 2.0 kit finished successfully. I then installed it a restored my settings and such. Now, about 25 minutes later, I’ve installed my first app. I’m going to be digging through the App Store for a while tonight, looking for cool things to install.


iPhone 2.0 Is Downloading

I can’t wait until tomorrow to get the new iPhone 2.0 software. I’m downloading it now at a rate of 715.47K/s and once it’s downloaded, I’m gonna slap it on my phone. I’m using the instructions found here for the procedure.

Ooh! Only 2:24 until it’s finished downloading.